The company, founded in the 70s by two brothers Adello and Giuseppe Magni , was born in the district between Quarrata Tuscan furnishings and Florence , operating from a now indispensable choice : work for creations of superior craftsmanship, uncompromising .

The Magni creates , on the footprint of the artisan and artistic works of the past, the laboratory where Sofas and armchairs are exclusive , characterized by a great passion for his work and meticulous attention to detail, a sort of ” tailoring ” furnishing.

This philosophy rewards the work of the brothers Magni dressing salons more ‘ chic ‘ sweet life ‘ Roman and expand its market in all of Italy.

Stefano Magni , the current owner of the company , as a child living this reality , it grows in the atelier of fabrics , trimmings , rich woods and feel the atmosphere of passionate craftsmanship that his father and uncle send it with pride.

Today, the journey continues in memory of Stephen ‘s teachings and the courage of her loved ones who have revealed all the secrets of the manufacture of high quality products and Imar Q become more and more ‘ exclusive ” tailor-made” thanks to a team of designers , artisans and experts who make them , always driven by a passion Magni .

The company opens to important achievements of custom furniture , in collaboration with designer interiors , new markets, to let the world know the true Italian treasure that is the art manufacturing and create for the pleasure of surrounding beauty of the people more ‘ demanding , just as with a garment “haute couture” , designed and built just for those who must wear .

Imar Q – tailor made sofas

The Classic Collection

The‘Classic Collection’ is a collection of sofas, armchairs and furniture designed to transmit the
emotions from a bygone age, made with the love and care that only a craftsmen can give.

This collection was born from a great artistry that combines with careful and
sophisticated attention to detail.

Our sofas are created in a tailoring workshop, hand-stitched, finished with care and taste, we use the finest velvets, brocades, silks and trimmings to create a harmonious result.

Our high quality craftsmanship and traditions allow us to satisfy our clients specific needs,
thanks to our craftsmen’s versatility and creativity, formulating authentic Italian stylistic solutions.

The Nouvelle Collection
The ‘Nouvelle Collection’ is ImarQ’s latest range, with the same high standard of workmanship offered in our ‘Classic Collection’, it is original, young, stylish and attentive to new furnishings trends.

We choose the finest fabric, linens, hemp, cottons, toile de jouy, all natural fibers that combined with the sofas to create a harmonious conversation between materials and form.

Our sofas are made with great attention to detail, comfort, cushions, embroidery, design, fabric choices, all these aspects form part of the our Italian artisan tradition. We at ImarQ believe that the Nouvelle Collection is a perfect expression of our creative and poetic ability.